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Productivity Applications & Data Management
​Farm-as-a-Serviceplatform utilizing software and mobile devices


The Farm-as-a-Service web-based software platform for is designed managing data and provides access to a suite of farm productivity applications specifically designed for agriculture.  Developed with the latest in software advances and tested through our networks of growers and ag dealers, the platform and its services leverage precision equipment, our network of professionals, and real-time news and information available for making informed decisions.  Laptops, smart phones, and tablet PCs provide a level of mobility needed by today's agriculture professional.  Use any mix of these devices for managing your operation. 

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Sample Tool Shed Apps - Innovations to bring your operation new levels of productivity and competitiveness.

AGRI-COM SERVICE CENTERS  -  Customizable and Transportable
​Applications - Call shops/Payroll Centers, Research Laboratories


Operating in a rural environment has its obstacles.  Whether you are a farm operator, researcher, or field laborer, gaining access to much needed services can challenging or impossible.  The Agri-Com Mobile Service Center solution is a customizable, transportable pod that leverages satellite technologies to deliver a mix of digital services specifically tailored for the application.  Researchers may need rural research stations with internet connectivity and networking capability for sensor networks, farmers may need a mobile office for remote operations, or migrant laborers may need a call center with internet banking capabilities.   With flexibility and mobility as its signature, the Agri-Com solution has something for everyone.

CUSTOM B2B DISTRIBUTION  -  Leveraging the Network

​Online & Offline strategies for getting your products to market


Getting your products in the hands of the end-user can be challenging and costly.  Strong relationships with customers take years to develop, and oftentimes impedes your company's needs to move fast.  Our network of partner companies and customer relationships can help your company exceed its marketing and sales goals in lightning speed.  These relationships have been cultivated and maintained for many years and our network of family owned distribution businesses have been providing B2B sales, service, and financing to 5,000+ corporate farms in the Southeast for over 50 years.  (GA, FL, NC, SC, VA, AL) 



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